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Welcome Back Everyone!

Posted by on 14/01/2013


Hello everyone,

Last week was a busy week as always! Everyone in Class 8 was eager to tell their Christmas holiday ‘News’ and to spend time with friends sharing and comparing experiences!

During maths we have concentrated on counting up (and down) in different ‘steps’, relating this to our multiplication work. We also worked hard at dividing sets of objects EQUALLY and have begun to write our multiplication and division calculations as number sentences.




In Literacy we have been reading a story called Emma’s Doll, by Brian Patten. Brian Patten is a poet and we have all enjoyed exploring the words he has used to describe the setting and the characters within the story.

Our focus author for the following few weeks is Dick King Smith. At present we are reading ‘The Invisible Dog’ – look out for other Dick King Smith titles at home or when visiting the local library.

Our reading challenge for this term is also underway, this term it is called Hilltop’s Reading Train, please encourage your child to participate and jump aboard!

Don’t forget that the children do not just need to read their school books, but favourite stories (and new stories, favourite non fiction books too) at home are also fine. We have put a link on ‘Our Hilltop’ to the Oxford Owls website. Here the children can share an ebook with you. Please ensure that you colour and (grown up’s) initial each carriage as you read together!

This week we are continuing with multiplication and will be moving onto doubling, halving and quartering sets of objects.

We will be creating our own characters for our story and borrowing parts of ‘Emma’s doll’ to help us when writing our own stories.

Thank you so much for all your fantastic homework, we will be using the photographs you have sent in to help us sort old and new things and begin to put events from the past in order. We will also be thinking about what we can actually find out from a photograph. Thank you also to all those family members who have written a short ‘Book Review’ at home. We will be displaying these in the hall and comparing the different books chosen.

Best wishes for a good week, from us all in Class 8!

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