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Week Ending 15.03.13

Posted by on 15/03/2013

Hello Everyone!

Well another busy week has ended! This week have been working hard with our Cine Literacy, in particular thinking about the effect light has on a particular scene and how this changes the atmosphere of the setting or the appearance of a character.

We have experimented with a ‘spotlight’ and used our prepared backgrounds together with small world characters to photograph ‘stills’ from a scene. Next week we hope to begin bringing our stories to life with some animation and movement!






We have also been busy make moving mechanisms this week and in particular looked at ‘turning’ and ‘pull’ mechanisms. The children have thought about Nature all around them and we have talked about caring for the natural world. They have made turning flowers that show some of their favourite aspects of nature and pull ‘landscapes’ that small characters can ‘move’ around with the aid of a magnet!

We have also started to make our own analogue clocks and talked about how the hands can move in a clockwise and anti clockwise movement. Next week we will continuing to develop our skills at ‘telling’ the time and working out some ‘time’ problems.

Class 8 have worked brilliantly in PE this week. We have travelled in different ways and at different levels. We have worked hard to collaborate in small groups and make simple balances that show different levels and different balance points. The children have worked as a team to come to an agreement and also supported one another when getting out and putting away equipment in an orderly fashion! WELL DONE EVERYONE!

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