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The Journey of a Sticky Marshmallow in Class 8…

Posted by on 28/01/2014

Today Mrs Lee and some of the children in Class 8 went to Tesco to buy some marshmallows to turn into marshmallow lollipops. These were sold in the playground as part of money week. Here is the recipe for our Marshmallow lollipops, just in case you would like to make them at home.



Milk and White Chocolate


Cocktail Sticks

You need to:

1. Melt the chocolate.

2. Put a marshmallow on the cocktail stick.

3. Dip the marshmallow in the melted chocolate.

4. Roll the marshmallow in the sprinkles.

5. Allow the marshmallow to dry.

6. Enjoy!

Here is the photos we took of how we made our marshmallow lollipops today:


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