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Camera’s Rolling! Action!

Posted by on 04/03/2013

Hello Everyone again,

Welcome back after our half term break. The time is going so quickly now and Easter and hopefully, the better weather will be arriving very soon.

This half term we are working on our Cine Literacy, using film as our ‘text’ and using it to support our Reading and Writing within our Literacy lessons. We have been learning about Camera Angles and how this changes the appearance of characters and settings and makes them appear differently. The children have been excellent at ‘reading’ film scenes and it has helped them to gather and use interesting adjectives and adverbs within their own writing, particularly when describing characters. This week the focus will be on Lighting and we will be looking again at how this can change the appearance, mood and atmosphere of a scene.

We have also been using persuasive language to encourage one another to watch a particular film and worked hard to use phrases such as ‘some people believe’ and ‘no one can deny’ alongside some of our powerful (and convincing) adjectives!

We will be making our own mini scenes this week and hopefully ‘lighting’ them in different ways and using them as scenery for short animations.



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