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Autumn ii, 2012

Posted by on 16/11/2012

Hello Everyone!

This week in Class 8 we have been really busy (as always) with our Space topic.

The alien visitors in Class 8 are amazing (and thankfully very quiet too)! The children have all worked extremely hard on their models and their Fact Files are wonderful with quite detailed information – I know now what to do if I meet an alien! The children have been demonstrating their ‘alien speak’ and we have all been trying to guess what type of personality their aliens have! Many of them growl…. or shout …… some mumble and others talk in a joking voice – the children have been also trying hard to use some of these words within their writing too! So well done EVERYONE!

In Maths we have been focusing on doubles and halves (of a set of numbers), we have also looked at near doubles. Again on an alien theme, many of the children have been making alien models half in one colour and half in another – they come from the far distant Planet of Rainbows! Look below and check whether these aliens are indeed from that planet…. are exactly half of their bodies one colour and half another?

Our author of the week next week is SHIRLEY HUGHES visit OUR HILLTOP to find the link to her website – there are many activities that can be printed off and completed. Have fun!


Mrs King

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