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Another Busy Week!

Posted by on 25/01/2013

Hello Everyone,

This week we have all thoroughly enjoyed working at Scutari Hospital helping Florence Nightingale and her amazing team of nurses!

We have learnt so much about life for some of the soldiers and of course the nurses who went out to help them. At the beginning of the week we were put to work in the hospital garden, the kitchen and the laundry. Many of us learnt nursing skills and several people became journalists of the day, reporting back to the newspapers in the United Kingdom. We all worked hard to make and sell artefacts for the war effort, including making diaries, candlesticks and greetings cards.

Thank you so much for all your support, the costumes were outstanding and the children really did ‘look the part!’ Thank you also to all the parent helpers who came along for the day, you were wonderful ensuring that the children had excellent support and guidance and generally helping to make the day a valuable experience. 

Florence herself was very impressed and particularly commented on the good behaviour and manners of all the ‘Victorian’ children at Hilltop. She hardly needed to remind them that children should be seen and not heard! Well, almost!

Next week is our

Reading Challenge Celebration (Wednesday, 30th January).

If you have a ticket and are attending, don’t forget the ‘Masterchef’ event runs from


Please remember to bring an apron if you have one and we look forward to having a great evening with you then!

Happy Weekend everyone!

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